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Dungar Niwas:
Maharaja Dungar Singh is regarded as the father of modern Bikaner. The room is richly decorated and gilded with the theme being predominantly white. Note the mirrors that are placed in the walls at intervals and above an alcove you will see a small picture of the ruler himself.

When Maharaja Sardar Singh, the 19th ruler of Bikaner died without an heir, his widow, with the help of the nobles, adopted Dungar Singh, son of Lall Singh who is a descendent of the royal family. Later on Dungar Singh in turn adopted his brother Ganga Singh to be his successor. Thus interestingly, Lall Singh, after whom the Lallgarh Palace is named, was the father of two Maharajas of Bikaner, but never himself ruled the kingdom.

Maharaja Dungar Singh carried out various administrative reforms. He divided the state into districts for easier governance. He established regular police and courts of law. He built hospitals, dispensaries and state schools. As early as 1886 he introduced electricity in Bikaner city when elsewhere in India it was but little known.


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