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Rao Bika ji, son of Rao Jodha ji (Founder of Jodhpur ) established the kingdom of Bikaner. Foundation of test was laid in 1485 AD at Ratti Ghati. On 12 April 1488 city of Bikaner was established around the fort at Ratti Ghati. Present fort was constructed by Maharaja Rai Singh ji (Sixth ruler of Bikaner) in 1589 AD. This fort was called Chintamani Fort. Royal family and Maharaja of Bikaner were residing in this fort till 1902. In 1902 the residence of the Royal family was shifted to present LALGARH PALACE. Since Bikaner fort was the old residence the present name JUNAGARH prevailed (JUNA means old).

Since Rao Bika ji, being the elder son of Rao Jodha ji, did not lay the claim to his father’s state but claimed the heirlooms of the Rathore dynasty and brought them to Bikaner. These heirlooms are now displayed in the galleries for the public viewing.